Bronze Class

Wednesday evenings 8.00 - 8.45pm.

The bronze class is for more mature pups and all dogs over a year old. 

The Kennel Club Bronze award aims to produce a dog that will walk and sit in a controlled manner on the lead, will lie down on command, will allow its owner to clean and groom it and inspect it. The dog must also be able to be positioned by its owner for examination i.e. stand, sit, and lie down on either side or on its back, all on a lead. Finally the dog must come to hand when called.

1. Cleanliness and Identification. Each handler must carry with them some form of "poop scoop" and all dogs must wear a collar and identification tag.
2. Collar and lead. Put on collar and lead.
3. Walk on lead. Walk on lead without distraction.
4. Control at Door/Gate. Walk on lead through Door/Gate.
5. Controlled walk through people and dogs. Walk on lead passing people and dogs. Behave in controlled manner whilst owner holds a conversation for one minute.
6. Stay down on lead. Lie down and stay on command, on lead.
7. Grooming the dog. Groom and inspect to maintain health.
8. Present for examination. Present for examination, on lead, including mouth, teeth, throat, eyes, ears and feet.
9. Return to the handler. Release from lead, play with or without toy, or in some other way distance themselves from their dog, recall and attach lead.
10. Responsibility and care. The object is to test the knowledge of the handler on this subject.

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