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We hold dog-training classes on Wednesday evenings in Braniel Community Centre, Warren Grove, Belfast BT5 7JN. 

We are closed in July;  our next classes will start on 3rd August.
Our "Bronze Class" is currently fully-booked with no spaces.  Clicking on the link will let you know if any spaces have become available.

Have you the well-socialised well-behaved dog that you wanted and just want some help with training, or do you have  a problem dog that doesn't listen to you, a dog with "issues"? 
If you think you have a problem dog at the end of your lead then stop and think - perhaps your dog has a problem person on the end of its lead - someone who is not sending the right signals to the dog, someone who is not communicating to the dog what is wanted.
This is where dog training classes come in  - to help with the communication -  we help you to train your dog.

Our next classes start on 3rd August, and end on 21st September.
There will be 3 sets of classes, each set being 45 minutes a week for 8 weeks; a set costs £50.

TO BOOK AND PAY for our next classes click on the appropriate link below that will use Squareup to process your booking and payment ( credit/debit card, or Apple Pay or Google Pay.) Clicking on your chosen link will take you to a booking page; once there click "Attend" to book and reserve your place in the class (that's it; Squareup provides the only confirmation email.)

To book classes starting on  3rd August ...

Be sure to choose the appropriate link 

1. Puppy Class - This class is for dogs aged up to 6 months at the start of the course and is held at 7.00 - 7.45pm each Wednesday evening for 8 weeks. 

2. Bronze Class - This class is for dogs aged over 6 months at the start of the course and is held at 8.00 - 8.45pm each Wednesday evening for 8 weeks. 

3. Other Class (Silver & Gold) - This is for all dogs that have successfully completed a Bronze Class (and passed the bronze test) and is held at 9.00 - 9.45pm each Wednesday evening for 8 weeks. 

Classes are held in Braniel Community Centre, Warren Grove, Belfast, BT5 7JN.
A booking is for one adult (over 18) and one dog; a course is 8 weeks; a course costs £50; a class will have a trainer and no more than 12 participants; we cannot accommodate spectators. Anyone who shows symptoms of Covid or who has tested positive must not attend the class. There can be no refunds once a course has started. 

     Once all 12 places for a class are used up the link will no longer accept a booking. 


If you have any questions it is likely that they have been asked before and the answer is on the Puppy, Bronze, Other or Links page.  Really.  Browse.

Answer not there? Then ...
- email Bill (puppies) at   BelfastDogTraining@gmail.com
- phone Alex (bronze/silver/gold dogs) on  028 9059 1911 (after 6.00pm)
or look up  Belfastdogtraining  on Facebook

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